UFC 241

UFC 241: Cormier vs Miocic 2 is an upcoming mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that is planned to take place on August 17, 2019 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, United States Honda Center, Anaheim. Click Here To Watch Live.

John Jones faces an interesting competitor at Tiago Santos. Jones will try to add Marreta to the list of victims in her second defense of the 2019 title after winning a unanimous decision over Anthony Smith in March.

Holly Holm competed on Amanda Nunes’ belt. Holm will try to restore the magic of his magnificent victory over Ronda Rossi in 2015, while Nunes will try to add the most impressive race in the history of the MMA ladies.

Ben Ascrine and George McVidal, who are battling a major battle in the excess weight section, also have a problem. Thiago Santos is by no means the most famous opponent of John Jones, but one of his unique challenges.

Santos graduated from the middleweight category, a powerful punching game with a sporting talent and perhaps the best kick game ever seen by Jones. The way the opponent’s legs are kicked to prepare for his sleeve makes it difficult for anyone.

Probably the best chance for Santos. Jones likes to control the distance, using his 84 cm (84 in) group and a series of kicks and punches to separate the enemies, if Santos can kick in this area and force Jones to move a lot. Track. Maybe you have the time, the advances and the landing strikes that have made you a talented artist.

But Jones turned out to be permanent. He received net shots from Alexander Gustavsson, Daniel Courmeyer and Leito Machida. However, it rarely shows signs of discomfort.

The plot of this battle is based on the concept that Santos has the advantage of strength in combat, but still does not guarantee discomfort. Dealing with Jones’s chin and distance means he will not face a serious threat before reaching the heavyweight.

Holly Holm is famous for having scored one of the most impressive matches in MMA history when Ronda Rossi fell into oblivion. But this is not a faithful indication of Holm’s style.

She had another win in the Octagon in the round of 16 and her professional boxing career included only nine wins in 33 wins. In the background, the fighter is excellent for the baton and he moves with a good kick, kicks and moves to defeat the fighters constantly.

If Holm is effective at taking good angles and hitting Nunes at the end of a move, he can play the long game and test the hero’s heart at the end. It’s a big yes, though. With the power of Nunes, Holm will not have to be captured several times before the end of the fight.

Holm may be in a better position with a more complex approach than the neutralization of Megan Anderson last time, but this could conflict with his natural inclination.

To win Holm, it will be necessary to make a big effort to balance, given his record of 2-4 since his historic victory over Rousey. However, this approach is a serious proposition against Nunes. The aggressive striker La Leone wants to sink his opponents in size.

Funky is not the most sympathetic fighter of the masses, but effective. It is a dowry for a ride with its great addiction to the game on the ground, but its only service is the elite.

Askren’s main game proved to be excessive for all opponents before him. Although this battle has a lot of enthusiasm behind it, the analysis seems very precise and dry: the defense of the destruction of Mesvedal affirms that it is the key.

He was the master of the loss of divided decisions. I have been on the wrong side four times over the past four years. Historically, if the opponent wants to destroy Massvedale, he can do it. Maya was knocked down four times and Benson Henderson did it three times. Even Rustom Khaylov did it twice.

The three battles were defeats for Massvidal, and if he could not find a way to keep them, that would be another defeat in his record.

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